How to Edit Update Old Blog Posts in Blogger to Reappear on Home Page

 Edit Update Old Blog Posts in Blogger

How can we edit Old Blog Post on Blogger and Wordpress so that they Re Appear on Home Page as New Post

Today i will share a simple trick with which you can increase your daily page views as well as your good exposure to Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc.These search engines always prefer those websites or blogs which have updated and more content and also to those who make posts daily.So one of the benefit of this method is that search engines consider it a new post when you update posts with this method.So it is totally safe and necessary too for increasing page views and your Alexa Rank.


1.First go to Blogger and sign in with your account.Open your Blog and Click on Posts in the left side of page.

Click on Posts

2.Now scroll down the page and choose an old post which you want to edit and update.Here i will choose a post which is a little old as one month.Click on edit and also see my post date.It is a month old.

Click on edit

3.Now you are in post editing section.From here make any change you want in your post.You can change even a word or if you don't want to change then leave it and see right section of page where it is written Published On. 

Published On

4.Click on Published on and change it to Automatic as i did in image below

5.Click on Done.Now if you have made all your desired changes or did nothing, don't worry.Just click on Update as shown in the image below.

click on Update

Congratulations! You have successfully updated your old post.Now see on your posts and you will find the recently updated post at Top of all posts.Go to your Homepage and Check your Post.It will be at Top and Updated.Also search engines will consider it as a new post which will help in your blog and website rankings.Search engine Bots will again crawl your site for checking new posts changings etc.


Don't forget to
Simply as i told before, with this trick your exposure to Google and other search engine bots increases and also your site Alexa Rank will increase if you update your posts at a same time daily.Bots will consider that your website is updated daily with a lot of new posts at this time so they will crawl it daily at that specific time.So according to my view, this is a great trick for SEO of your Blog or Website.Do not Forget to subscribe for More Tricks.If you experience any problem, comment below or ask a new Question at PK Helper Forums.