How to Speed up Your Laptop without any Program Application

Speed up Your Laptop without any Program Application

Boost up your Laptop with Simple Tricks

This method is for those who experience slow processing speed and lagging when running a bit more processes as compared to normal routine.

What's the Issue?

Problem is that whenever we try to run some more processes while some are running before,we experience a decrease in performance of laptop and windows pc.The reason is that much of our processor capacity is being used to provide us some visual beauties along with performance.But there is not any simple option for users to make all the visual effects close and make our laptop computers and windows running faster.There is not any liberty of getting full speed in processes which you want to use so in this method i will show you how can we get all this with one click.

Problem also persists when we try to play some kind of games on our laptop along with our work keep running at background at the same time.

What will we do?

We will make the laptop processor give its all performance just to processes instead of giving to laptop windows visual effects.Windows visual effects provide us with beautiful effects and animations which make our laptop windows look beautiful along with performance but it reduces a little speed of our windows and much speed when we are usning many processes simultanously on laptop like running games .and many tabs opened in Google Chrome.So we will disable all the visual effects of windows and laptop in first method .

1st Method

Method Steps:

1.First of all right click on your desktop and click on personalize tab.

Speed up Your Laptop without any Program Application

2.After this personilzation interface will be opened. Now you will see some options there.Click on themes and then again on themes in theme tab of personalization interface.You will be redirected to themes section where you can change your themes.

personilzation interface

3.Now simply click on High White Contrast or any other from the last section of themes like Black Contrast or purple one.

High White Contrast

This is trick what i was talking about.Now you will see there is no lag in the running of your laptop or computer.The resulted interface will be like this.

resulted interface


Now you can use as more processes as you want without any kind of problem or any kind of lagging and speed reduction.This was the First Method but i can show you one other method if you want to use visual effects too.