How to save Android Battery Life with New Method - Android Battery Saving Trick

Today am gonna show you How To Use All Apps in Ultra Power Saving Mode in Samsung,Huawei or Extreme Battery Saving Mode  in HTC One without exiting it from HTC One M7/M8/M9 and every android phone which supports battery saving mode.

Now a days,Quick battery draining problem while playing games or using internet is the main issue of android Smartphones which is very difficult to overcome specially with old phones but not now.What can we do if battery drains very fast when we play gamesor use internet or some other applications.So here is little method which can help you with this annoying problem.Method is so simple that any one can fix his problem with it.Use my method of Saving Battery and share it if you like.You can use any applicatioon with extreme battery saving mode enabled so your battery will not drain so quickly.