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Best Alternatives to Google AdSense That can buy you more revenue than AdSense on YouTube - Comparison of Features, Limitations and Requirements

So Again we are here with a new and informative content about YouTube Monetization.Yes it is true that you can monetize your videos without an AdSense account and the best thing to know is that the other networks which em gonna show might be more beneficial to you as compared to AdSense.So First lemme share a comparison between some networks How much other networks are giving you as compared to Google AdSense.

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Google AdSense vs Youtube Networks (MCNs)

Google AdSense Pays You all of the 68% out of 100%. YouTube gives you 55% and takes 45% itself and if you monetize your videos with AdSense account then you will get 68% of your earnings.So the AdSense is sharing 68% of the revenue which is Good.But what will you do when AdSense blocks you or when AdSense is not approved for your channel.So if you are having problems with your AdSense or AdSense is not generating that much revenue as you are expecting for your channel and content, then the best option is to try one of the following networks.Other MCN's including Film Section, Ad rev, Kensho, Full screen, Quiz Group, and Freedom etc are Giving you More than AdSense.They are giving you 80% or 90% out of that 55% which YouTube gives you. But what if one of the below mentioned network helps in making your videos viral and generate more money than AdSense. So i will share best of these with their features (advantages and disadvantages) which will surely help you deciding best for you.We will list and compare the following features for Every Network.

Things that we will compare are:

  1. Revenue Split : (how much percentage they gives you and how much they keep themselves out of 55%)
  2. Requirements : (how much minimum views and subscribers they require)
  3. Contract : (monthly or yearly based contracts or Lock In's are made) 
  4. Focus : (what kind of content on channels they require) 
  5. Payments and Thresholds : (which payment methods they offer and what is minimum amount of payment) 
  6. Benefits : ( what offers they give you ) 

Should I Join a Youtube Network (MCN)?

NoteYou should note that these networks are giving us more percentage than AdSense.If we compare AdSense with them then AdSense is giving us 68% out of 100% which is 55% in Total.Below mentioned networks are giving us 80% or 60% etc out of 55% of YouTube Given Revenue. The benefits we can get from themselves (AdSense Alternatives Networks) is that they gives us tools, high CPC premium ads and help us maximizing our revenue.At the same time, they also keep some percentage of our revenue.

Best Top 10 Youtube AdSense Alternatives 


FilmSection is one of the amazingly fast growing and developing MCN (multi-channel network) on YouTube now, and with extremely good purpose. Astonishingly excessive sales proportion is offered through this network, the usage of each of their own advertisers and AdSense results in high revenue. They offer realtime 24/7 help, monthly premiums and a three month trial . Beginning partners make eighty percent (80%) of their revenue, using the added 20 going to FilmSection themselves. With this precise cash, their own advert networks runs and gives quite a number of useful tools to enable you to produce and increase your revenue.You can sign in inside the recruiter software along with being a content manager with FilmSection. Efficiently, you earn 10 percentage of whatever the referral channel gets, so long as that channel is an official partner of the FilmSection Network.FilmSection can pay for any stability over $1, however additionally offers Western Union payments and bank transfers.They have a serious policy for copyright content like AdSense.

  • Revenue Split : 80/20
  • Requirements : 100+ Daily Views and 9k in Past Month
  • Contract : (three months trial) and then Contract 
  • Focus : Everyone
  • Payments & Threshold :Through PayPal is 1$ and for Bank transfer or Western Union is 150$ 


They have got the approval of a huge sound database, Audio Micro, despite the fact that adRev works in plenty exactly the equal style as maximum different MCNs. This affords you, via default, accessibility to a few full-size database of loose track to utilize inside the heritage of your films.AdRev can pay by way of take a look at with a minimal fee that is better with absolutely the minimal charge of $10, or through Paypal.As i have heard that they are one of the Terrible Networks in the Market.Lamentably, AdRev has gathered a small negative status amongst content material companies who aren't part of the network. There are numerous criticisms about copyright claims which might be fake and compelled monetization with lots of vitriol however little evidence for non- all friends,. On the turn facet, individuals who truly employ the provider seem to post pretty pretty about it.

  • Revenue Split : 70/30 May Differ
  • Requirements : 300/day
  • Contract : No
  • Focus : Everyone


The preliminary feeling BigFrame offers while visiting with their Internet site is one in every of heavy multimedia recognition. The whole page is animated, displaying assortments of content material from their manufacturers. With high manufacturing values and compelling imagery, they do well before starting to inquire, to promote the business enterprise. They don't try to monetize every channel; as they assert. They focus about the handiest and brightest.BigFrame claims forty percentage more gains than AdSense monetization by myself, which is a lot of enticement for a few. Unluckily, the requirements for stepping into their verticals - and additionally their settlement's phrases - are strict. Your channel can grow very well using their assist, have to you meet the requirements.Their four focuses are forefront, Polished, Outlandish and Wonderful. Those are for superior lady manufacturers, style-focused manufacturers, LGBT agencies and concrete corporations, respectively. If your channel qualifies for certainly one of their problems, you can practice for that section personally.

  • Revenue Split : 40% Greater then AdSense ( they claim)
  • Requirements : High ( Best Channels)
  • Contract : No
  • Focus : Fashion and Female Related Content Mostly


Fullscreen receives the distinction of being based with the aid of somebody who worked within YouTube for a while, giving it a small valid environment which other networks need to work harder to construct. The network also offers equipment to permit you to sell and layout channel-associated goods, some thing other networks do no longer trouble with. Fullscreen also offers quite a number analytics gear and treasured insights to help enhance and optimize content material.Once more, Fullscreen isn't always the most obvious network close to. Different needs and agreement provisions aren't to be had at a casual glance, although you may be reached by way of a recruiter as quickly as you get to a point they're cozy with. They do appear to possess pretty low needs nowadays, in expertise changed into numerous by means of an try and accumulate up as possible to provide a various platform for his or her advertisers.As with every community, be sure to read any settlement you're offered in detail earlier than you signal. Probabilities are some of it is open to communicate, particularly if you have the leverage as well as a popular channel to make demands.For full details, read this article on Preleminary measures before joining a Youtube Network with FullScreen as Example. 

  • Revenue Split : 70-80/20
  • Requirements : Not Shared Publicly but it seems thousands of views a month are requirements
  • Contract : 2 Years
  • Focus : Everyone
  • Payments & Thresholds : PayPal 50$
  • Benefit : Sponsorships 

Maker Studios:

Maker Studios (High CPM) is really one of the bigger networks available on YouTube.But with bad reputation because some people there were blaming Maker Studios for many reasons. The network has the same concentrate on gift but is open to content from many genres. Again, channels have been four subdivided by the network, but they're much more generic and open; Family, Guys, Women and Amusement. You probably qualify to join their network, if your channel can broadly fit within any of these channels.In the event you're worried about the legitimacy of Maker Studios, you can rest easy; Disney obtained the network. As a result, the network has some of the very best CPM ads available.
Still, a few of these networks hold the capacity to cover significantly more than AdSense on its own.

  • Revenue Split : 60/40
  • Requirements : Low
  • Contract : No Lock In
  • Focus : Everyone

Quiz Group: (No Copyrighted Videos Issue)

(High CPM) One of the Biggest Advantage of Quiz Group is that they do not ask for Copyright strikes.They pretty tons approve any rip-off channel. 80% sales proportion (strong CPM ) They have payment methods through Western Union, PayPal & financial institution as price options five dollar charge.Their Threshold is satisfactory .Referrals in YouTube which offers 10% sales share for lifetime for every companion.

Screenshot when I applied from a new channel on Quiz Group:

Quiz Group

  • Revenue Split : 80/20 
  • Requirements : 1000 Views/Month and Minimum 500 Subscribers 
  • Contract : 2 Years 
  • Focus : Everyone 
  • Payments & Thresholds: PayPal, Web Money and Bank Transfer, no payment thresholds 
  • Advantages: Audio Library, Decent Referral program 

Please Plus 1 us! 


Probably the best network for small YouTubers in my opinion. Great service, they have a lot of benefits that other big networks don't have. They have Best CPM and a great support forum for their partners.They are considered best out there.

  • Revenue Split : 65/35
  • Requirements : None
  • Contract : No Lock In
  • Focus : Everyone


You can say that freedom is good network but its not the best because there are many networks which are sharing more and more revenues out there than freedom .But its not that much strict and allow everyone to join there network even if they are small and new to YouTube.

  • Revenue Split : 60-95/40-05
  • Requirements : None
  • Contract : No Lock In
  • Focus : Everyone
  • Payments  & Thresholds: PayPal and no payment threshold
  • Perks: Audio Library, Lot of cool sponsorship opportunities, great dashboard with lot of information and tools/guides

TGN: (Was Freedom's Parent Network Before)


Overall a solid network, requirements for TGN  are one thousand views/30 days, this will be
best for big gamers who have many subscribers.They have a great support forum and a great up time response.

  • Revenue Split : 60/40
  • Requirements : 1000 Views/Month
  • Contract : 3 Year Contract is Offered
  • Focus : Gamers Specially 

ZN(Sub Network) 

(Sub Network of Freedom) Overall a great network, they will accept everyone because they are sub network of Freedom. They also get all the benefits from Freedom. They provide FREE game play and graphics for their partners,recommend joining if you are a gamer who has been floating around the same subscriber amount for a while

  • Revenue Split : 60 to 90/40 to 10 
  • Requirements : None 
  • Contract :No Lock In
  • Focus : Gamers

ZN Revenue Policy Share

Dropback (Sub Network)

One of the best, they will accept everyone;s invitation just they want no copyright strike on the channel. They pay you more as you grow your channel. I personally recommend this to those who have a large number of subscribers as well as viewers.Because it will generate a lot of revenue if you are making thousand views daily.

  • Revenue Split : 60-90/100
  • Requirements : None
  • Contract : No Lock In
  • Focus : Everyone
DB Revenue Share Policy

Kensho Network (non authentic)

Kensho is a network that is closely invested on its partners, for this reason they offer top notch equipment like get entry  to thumbnail provider, epoxy and AudioMicro. They also have increasing revenue proportion gadget, which shall we partners get extended proportion after they grow bigger. You also are able to touch the personnel for special revenue deals in case you are bit larger channel yourself. The larger companions additionally have possibility to get top class CPM deals and get contacts into huge production studios in California.


  • Revenue Split : 75-90/25-10 
  • Requirements : 400/month and minimum 50 subscribers 
  • Contract : No Lock In 
  • Focus : Everyone 
  • Payment Options & Threshold: PayPal 1$, Direct Transfer (US) 100$ and Check 100$ 
  • Advantages: Epoxy, Sound Library, Free Spreadshirt Premium, Thumbnails/banners, & Coaching 


Zoonix is a multi-channel network on YouTube that gives an invite only experience to it’s top class content creators. It’s one of the more modern networks obtainable however they were given quite appropriate advantages in terms of sponsorships, exact dashboard and no price threshold at all. They haven't any necessities to get inside the community, aside from no longer having copyright moves, precise opportunity to freedom in reality.


  • Revenue Split : 70-95/30-05 
  • Contract : No Lock In 
  • Focus : Everyone 
  • Payment Options & Threshold: PayPal & Wire Transfer 
  • Requirements: Case by case 
  • Advantages: Epoxy, Referral System, G2A and Kontrol Freek Sponsorships

Union For Gamers:

Union for gamers also called Curse is one of the more modern networks, owned by means of the exquisite marketing behemoth Curse. Contracts had been created through infamous Athene wins, one of the first networks to gives no-lock in and excessive revenue stocks in the YouTube market. Additionally they have private advert-income group, which means usually higher CPM than in networks that don’t have income group, however its very constrained to bigger partners.  Despite the fact that they best accept gaming channels in the community.


  • Revenue Split : 90/10 
  • Requirements : 8k or 4k viewers last month with 1000 Subscribers 
  • Contract : No Lock In 
  • Focus : Gamers Only 
  • Payments & Thresholds: PayPal and 1$ 
  • Benefits: Great Support + occasional beta keys for partners, Epidemic Sounds + Audio Micro (Music Libraries)

For AdSense, you can read their official statement.

Adsense policy


So here we have discussed all the pons and cons of all the best and popular networks out there. Now its up to you how you manage yourself with any one of these and how you choose best for yourself. Obviously you will choose that which has Highest CPM and Highest Revenue Sharing. So its time to explore and join a network and become famouson youtube.Thanks for your Time.Hope you have enjoyed this information and it may have helped you understanding networks.

If you have any questions , you can ask here at PK Helper. We will try our best to resolve your issue or any other confusion.


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