How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S2 Keep Restarting and Stuck on Boot Animation Samsung Logo - Softbrick Solution

Samsung Galaxy S2

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S2 or S2 Plus which keeps on restarting from Boot animation again and again and not starting up.How to Fix Softbrick S2 or Boot loop stucked S2 Android Phone.

Today i will show you how can we fix samsung s2 soft bricked phone which is not starting up completely or restarting again and again or which has stuck on samsung logo and not letting you use your phone even not getting you to the lock screen.

How this problem in Samsung often occurs?

This issue arises when an application misbehave during installation, when you try do a factory reset improperly or when you change your phone's battery.This may also cause by some Virus in Android which are very common these days.

Solution of Samsung S2 Softbrick:

There are two solutions of this method.
  1. Clear Cache Partition from Recovery Mode
  2. Flashing Stock Firmware from Download Mode


  1. A PC or Laptop
  2. A Good Data Cable (USB Cable or Simple Cable)
  3. Odin
  4. Stock Rom or Firmware
  5. File for S2 GT-i9105
  6. Proper Drivers Installed (or KIES which automatically installs all Drivers for Samsung Phones)


1-Before starting procedure, i recommend you to do data and cache wipe from recovery mode.Watch This Video or Read this post for how to go to Recovery mode of samsung galaxy s2 and s2 plus.Also Download All Files Before Proceeding.

2-Now Go to Download Mode of Samsung Galaxy s2 plus (Click Here To Watch Video) by pressing Volume Down+Home Button along with Power Button until a message appears saying you to continue or restart your phone.Press volume up button to continue and go to download mode.Now you are in Download mode of Samsung Galaxy s2 or Galaxy S2 Plus.

3-If you have installed kies, then no need to download drivers again otherwise install proper drivers for SG 2 Plus in PC and Open Odin in your laptop or desktop pc and connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to Laptop or PC with Data Cable.You will see that Odin colour changed.

4-Once your phone is successfully connected to your PC or Laptop, ID:COM section on ODIN will turn to blue showing com port number as shown below in the image.

5-Extract or Unzip the downloded file (Firmware for S2 GT-i9105/P) in a folder in PC.You will get a Home.tar file.

6-Click on pda in odin (if you installed odin 3.09 on PC, then choose AP instead of pda) and choose the file "xxxx.tar.md5".

7-Also check "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" options and its important to make sure that "Re-Partition" is unchecked.

8-Click on Start button in ODIN window to start the installation process. The process will take some time to complete depending upon your PC speed.

9-When the installation will be completed, you will see a "Pass" message. and your phone will be restarted.First restart will take some time (maximum 5 to 10 minutes).

NameSamsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-i9105Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-i9105P 
OdinOdin for S2 GT-i9105Odin for S2 GT-i9105P
Stock Firmware Firmware for S2 GT-i9105Firmware for S2 GT-i9105P for S2 for S2 GT-i9105P

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