How to Install Taken 3 on Android Phone 2016


Taken 3 is now playable on Android Phone too.Today I will show you how can we install and play this game on any android phone.

Taken 3 for Android Apk + Data + FPSE

Today i will show the step by step method on How can we play Taken 3 Apk game on my Mobile Phone or Android Smartphone.As one of the Favourite Games of our childhood, now available for playing on the android smartphone.You will have to do all which is mentioned below to Get this app working on our phones.So let's start.

Right Method:

  1. First of all download the taken file from the link below.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your root folder or directly to SD Card.For extraction, you can use any application from android play store like RAR application or ES File Explorer.
  3. Now download the FPSE Emulator from the link given below and extract it on the same folder, that is root folder where you placed the file.
  4. Install FPSE emulator on your android phone.Now open it.
  5. If it will ask to download some files from the internet like audio and video plugin.Press OK and proceed.Now it will ask for agreement , click i accept or i agree.
  6. Now it will ask to search for disc or games, click OK to search Automatically.If you have taken3.iso file (not zip file, the extracted .iso file which you got after extracting on your SD Card , it will show up and will be loaded automatically. If it do not show up automatically, then Choose load Game and manually open taken3.iso file and the game will open. Now play and enjoy Android Taken 3 Game and don't forget to share and Like this article.

If you encounter any problem during the process, you can comment below for quick help.We try to response as soon as possible.Don't forget to comment.

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