Website Not Working Without www prefix - Domain Solution for Blogger and Wordpress


So guys we are again here to help some of you guys who have issues related to their website not working without www or with www. Either you are having problem with www not displaying or without www website version not displaying, I will show you a very little trick for this problem which worked for me and hopefully will work for you too.

Why Does My Website Not Working without www?

I searched a little and found that many like me were also looking for this simple problem of blog or website not opening without www prefix.Obviously your website website will not work without www if you have not done a little and simple task which I am going to show.It was really very confusing when I came to know that my website not working without www whether it is bought from godaddy, namecheap, 1and1, eznow, hostgator,register, domain, dreamhost, onlydomains, hostgator or any other local domain seller website. 

How I Came To Know About This Issue:

Some days before when I purchased a domain name for my blog PK Helper, I simply applied the domain name through settings and after a couple of hours my domain name was all set up according to me because when I clicked on view blog, I could easily access my blog at Everything was looking fine until one of my close friend told me that your blog is not accessible without www. I was shocked that how can this happen because my domain was working with www but it was not working without www and i was not aware of this.This is an essential step to check after applying domain.

Actually this is not an issue with Domain Registrar Website from where you bought your website's domain name. It is your blog or website settings that are responsible for this problem that your site not opening without www.

How to Fix Blog not working without 'www' Issue on Blogger?

Fix is very much simple. I thought that I will have to go through all of the CDN stuff but when I fixed it, it was really very much simple.

  1. Go To Your Blog.
  2. Open Settings
  3. In Basic Settings, Click edit in front of your Domain Name Under Publishing, Blog Adress.
  4. Just Below your new Domain Name, there would be a check box with something written like Redirect to (in my case, it is Redirect to
  5. Just Check Mark (Tick) that Box and You are done.
Now check your blog with and without www and it will be working with both versions of your website.

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Fix Website not opeing without 'www' on wordpress:

This is the same procedure as with blogger.Just there are different navigations on wordpress.

  1. Go to your website settings page.
  2. Navigate to Domain Name Settings or Custom Redeirects Page where you have already set your domain name for your blog or wordpress.
  3. Do the same as we done in blogger.Just check mark the box which says Redirect to
  4. Just check your website.Its working now with www and without www prefix.
Hope your problem with "website won't work without www" may have been fixed now. If you are still facing any issue, please let us know in comments about your problem. We will help you in any case you are up to.