How to Fix Lag in PUBG on Tencent Emulator - 100% Frames Drop Fix with Smooth Gameplay


You might be facing a lot of lag in pubg emulator after the update. You might have tried many methods already available on YouTube or other websites that are not working for you even if some works, it is only for some couple of days and the lagging issue remains same. 

Before writing this article I also have tried many methods that are available on the Internet but believe me none of them worked for me. Some of them has lessened my issue temporarily but the lagging issue that I face during a close firefight or during the landing on a famous place in player unknown's Battleground Mobile version is still there so I started experimenting with my emulator on my own laptop and you will be glad to hear that I removed the issue by 100% and I am happy to share it with you so just follow these simple steps.
I am going to tell you the reasons of this shutter issue, why this happens and how to get rid of this lagging issue. So why do PUBG Lags on Emulator?


Actually there are three main reasons why this issue occurs:

1st one is that this game is made for Android platform and all modern Android devices are coupled with Octa Core Microprocessors but our laptops have only two or four processors commonly so the processors are the first reason why this game lags on laptops and PCs. But don't worry my method will work on any device either it's a laptop or it is a PC made of 2 or 4 cores. I will tell you what to do.

2nd reason is the settings of the tencent gaming emulator that is making problems. You need to set up tencent gaming emulator according to your PC specifications. I have described step by step method of this.

3rd problem is the Internet connection and the mod of Internet that you are using. I have a solution for this as well.

Step by Step Method:

Before starting, I would suggest you to do a fresh and updated install of Tencent Gaming Buddy and PUBG Mobile on your PC because frequent updates cause many problems over the time. Also click on Repair SD and Clean Cache in Emulator Settings. 

1.     The first step is that you need to clear temporary files all across your PC you need to delete these files by yourself or by using a software like CCleaner. You can also use this application to make your registry clean and error free. Also go to search bar and type Run and type %temp% and hit enter, you will see a folder with a lot of temporary files that you need to delete right away. Delete all these files even if you need administrator privileges. Now you have deleted all your temporary files let's get to the next step.

2.     You need to setup tencent gaming buddy emulator according to your PC specifications. Open gaming emulator buddy App Market from your desktop icon, click on the three lines as shown in the picture below that are available on the upper right corner of tencent gaming emulator buddy.  


A box will appear and you need to click on settings, you will see a pop up like this

From here click on engine and you need to select these properties according to your PC specifications. 

If your PC’s graphic rendering software is open GL then select open GL from the radio options. If it is direct x then select direct x but not direct x+ or open gl+. If you are not sure what rendering software is operating in your system just select smart mode. 
Then you need to select all four options that are available. These 4 options are render cache, force Global render cache, prioritize dedicated GPU and rendering Optimization
Set anti-aliasing to close and select memory half the total memory available on your system like if you have 8 GB RAM, you need to select 4 Gigs
On processors, you need to do the same if your PC have two cores, select 2 or 1, if your PC have 4 cores then select 4 or 2 and set resolution to minimum. You can also set 1280x720 or higher according to your graphics capabilities. If you have a high end graphic cards then you can set even higher resolution. After this select DPI to 160 or 240 and not above it and save the settings. Click on save settings in bottom right corner.


Again open the same settings and now click on game. If you have a graphics card, select gaming resolution as FHD 1080p and set display quality to smooth or balanced but not HD and save the settings. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GRAPHICS CARD, select GAMING RESOLUTION as HD 720P and set DISPLAY QUALITY to smooth and save the settings. Now close the emulator.

3.     Go to the properties of my computer, click on Advanced System Settings as shown in the picture below

A pop up will appear. Select Advance tab and open performance settings. From performance options, select Adjust for best performance in visual effects and click apply. Now select advanced tab in same pop up window of Performance options and change total paging file size from 100 minimum to 3000 maximum for the drive where your game is installed. Save settings and close the window.

4.     Open your task manager and see what processes are using your CPU and GPU. All those processes that are not necessary during the game play must be terminated like Google crash handler from Google Chrome, Internet Download Manager, Google installer, Team Viewer, Adobe Updates etc.

5.     Next step is this, if you have a graphics card, you need to update your graphics Driver. if you have up to date graphic Drivers then you don't need to install them again.

6.     You need to make sure that you have not enabled any battery saver in your laptop because battery savers cause lower performance and resist CPU to hit maximum frequency to save battery. They also lower screen brightness so you need to disable any kind of battery saver or battery plan. The best thing to do is that you plug in your laptop with charger and the battery saver will automatically turn off. If it is not, you need to do it manually and set screen brightness to maximum if you want to have better view during the game. You can also read this article on  how to enable ultra performance mode in windows 10.

7.  Open Task Manager and kill unwanted services and applications from running in the background. 

8.     The next setting is also a little bit controversial. When I play PUBG on TENCENT GAMING EMULATOR BUDDY I see 100% rise in CPU usage and very little usage of GPU. In order to lower the CPU usage, you need to turn off your default antivirus temporarily. In my case, my default antivirus is Windows Defender so I have turned it off temporarily while playing game. Believe me when you are playing PUBG Game on Emulator, there is no risk of any kind of virus because we are not browsing anything or we are not downloading anything, we are only playing the game so during the game play if we turn off our anti-virus, it will not harm our PC but it will decrease the CPU usage by 15 to 20% and this is a settings that has improved my frames per second significantly in tencent gaming buddy.

9.     Now open your game, go to settings, select graphics, select smooth and select Ultra or extreme in frames per second.

10. If you have an SSD installed in your system you need to copy your gaming folder into the SSD or just install the new game on your SSD. If you don't have an SSD installed then you need to do nothing. If you are using a Wi-Fi I suggest you to connect your PC to the Internet by Ethernet cable instead of WiFi which can be done by plugging in an Ethernet cable into the Wi-Fi device from your PC. it will give you a stable connection during the game play.

If you have done all the above steps I bet your game play will be 99% smoother than before. So we have eliminated lag issue in PUBG Tencent Emulator. If you still face lag or have any question in mind, don’t hesitate to ask in comments below.

You can also watch this video in order to get rid of this shutter (lag) problem:


Bro i cannot play 60fps i have 4gb ram
I5 5200u 2 cores

Have you tried all the steps? PK Helper has updated this article with some more steps, try all the steps and your problem will be resolved