Top 5 Most Addictive Mobile Games of 2019 (Play Time Per Day)

Mobile Games With Highest Number of Minutes Being Played Every Day

5) CLASH OF CLANS: (Google Play)

Clash of clans is a highly addictive and obsessive multiplayer game which was released in 2012. It has been one of the most played games in 2019 even after 7 years of its release. Being a strategic game, it allows people to build their own towns and show their warfare strategies to everyone around the world through multiplayer mode. There is a rough estimate that this game has about 100 Million downloads or more and millions play this game on daily basis which shows its popularity and adoration among general public.

4) MINECRAFT: (Google Play)

Minecraft is an ingenious and creative 3D block building game which was released in the year 2011. It gained fame due to its unique and artful concept. Primarily, it allows people to build different 3D blocks and structures using their creative skills. It has a variety of modes i.e. Survival mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, Spectator mode Multiplayer and different features. Statics and surveys show that this addictive game has almost 91 million players. Although it was released 9 years ago, Minecraft is still very faddish and gives a tough competition to gaming giants.

3) ASPHALT 9 LEGENDS: (Google Play)

The most popular racing game by far and one of the most popular in general gaming category ASPHALT 9 was released in July 2018. In a short time it gained fame and regard among the racing and car lover cycles. Basically, it is a car racing game and It involves several modes i.e. career mode, event mode and multiplayer that make it a treat to play. It has some sensational car modification features in addition to 59 renowned cars that have been center of attention for many. By today this game has over 10 million downloads worldwide and is growing every day.

2) FORTNITE: (Apple Store)

The action-packed battle game Fortnite has been listed as the best game by numerous gaming sources. Released in 2017, it has been flourishing and stretching forward daily or we can say hourly. Basically, in this game 100 players land on a randomly generated map from a plane. All of them search for weapons and survival tools along the map. The one who survives at the end is the winner. Fortnite has had a record of 7 billion concurrent players at a particular time.  According to statics this game has more than 250 million active player all over the globe.


The undoubted best game of 2018-19, PUBG, was released on 23 March 2017. It grew exponentially popular and trendy in just a couple of weeks, bypassing many popular games such as Dota which were prominent at that time. . It is similar to Fortnite in gameplay and only has minor different features.  PUBG now has over 200 million downloads and 30 million daily active players which give an idea about its acknowledgment in gaming circles. Survey reports show that this game is so enslaving and addictive that most players spent an average of 6-7 hours daily playing it.