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Not a single file posted in this website is hosted on our servers. All the files are hosted on xyz external file hosts.These are for personal use only.If you have any question,contact us.


What can you do if I want you to put off certain copyrighted comments from your website?
Please note that we do now not host any copyrighted content on this website. The remarks (text) contains best records shared by way of users  that do not include records that might be copyrighted in any way.However, we offer a provider to dispose of content from our internet site if the copyright holder of the content requests so.

Your content removal requests are acceptable if:
  1. You are the copyright holder of the data.
  2. You give us complete name(s) of content in question.
  3. You give us the URLs to the exact comment.
  4. You send the removal request with a verified and trusted email address.
If submitted request complies with all of those policies,then mail us thru above form. Please keep the correspondence polite.
We get rid of postings as soon as we will, generally within a week. Remember that we can simplest manage elimination requests that follow the above rules.